29 July 2013

Von Vonni Transformer Dress : Cobalt Blue & Silver Sequins

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ever since Von Vonni gifted me their Transformer Dress in Cobalt Blue last week, I couldn't stop having fun with it. A Transformer Dress, also known as an infinity dress, is basically a dress that you can wear in endless ways. I was so happy to take her home with me, I think it is the most innovative piece in my wardrobe. This dress is available in a whole spectrum of colors (see my video showing several colors here) which would make a great bridesmaid dress, prom dress, or any dress to wear to a semi-formal to formal occasion. This dress would actually make a great summer wedding dress as well. The shorter version with sleeves would be work appropriate that can easily transform into a nice dress for happy hour. This dress is also travel friendly since the material isn't prone to wrinkles so you can just roll her up and pack her in your luggage and go. I will definitely be taking her with me to Las Vegas at the end of the year.

Dress : Transformer Dress c/o Von Vonni (here)
Shoes : Steve Madden sz 5 (here), Bag : Zara
Accessories : Earrings from J. Crew, Rings from Gorjana (similar here)

The Transformer Dress comes in one size that fits a US size 0-12, and a plus size that fits a US size 14-22. The Transformer Collection also includes the Long Transformer Dress with SleevesShort Transformer Dress, the Short Transformer Dress with Sleeves, the Transformer Top, the Transformable Romper, and the Transformer Tube if you're not comfortable with a NuBra.

One thing that I like about this dress is how easy it can be tailored to fit your body. I am able to move the waist higher or lower to sit at my natural waistline and adjust where I want the dress to end on my shoulders since I am very self conscious of my arms. The waist of the skirt did run big on me so I added an elastic band to the back of the waist. I also shortened the dress myself by 4 inches since there was no hemming needed. Although you can easily alter this dress to your desired length with a pair of scissors, I highly recommend either using a rotary cutter for more steadiness or bringing it to your tailor for a quick and easy job. I am actually thinking about shortening this dress to knee length to get more wear out of it and use the remaining fabric to make either a circle skirt or tube top for extra coverage.

I love how well the material of this dress drapes and how it flows with the wind as you're walking. Since the material drapes so nicely and hugs my curves at the right spot, it really helps elongate my body and almost with a slimming effect too. I've had so much fun styling this dress, I would definitely recommend this dress to those who are interested. You will have so much fun with it too. I can't wait to show you how I'll transform it next time.

What are your thoughts about the Transformer Dress?

Thank you so much for reading! :)

You can watch the video below to see how the Transformer Dress is styled in 10 different ways. 


  1. This dress is beyond beautiful <3


  2. It looks great on you! Don't feel self conscious decked out in this in the middle of the day :)

    Rebecca {at} Preppy

  3. The color is gorgeous! It's so vibrant and makes such a statement.

  4. OMG, this dress is STUNNING on you! I love the color, and the back is amazing!

  5. Madeline VeloriaJuly 29, 2013 at 4:05 PM

    Gorgeous! This blue color is so flattering and eye catching! And I love the interesting back :)

    Veloria in Velvet

  6. What a gorgeous dress and I love how you styled it! I'm such an avid fan of versatile dresses like these but I always have trouble figuring how to actually wrap and tie it. Love the video...so helpful! FYI, I found your blog via Lucky Contributor and as a fellow petite...you rock this dress like nobody's business. Let's keep in touch!

    Check out my site: http://stylepint.com

  7. You look AMAZING. The color is gorgeous and the photos are beautiful!


  8. You look gorgeous!! That dress looks stunning on you!

    xo, Connie

    my fashion blog: http://www.connnietang.com

  9. This dress is just BREATHTAKING! I'm sure people stared at you lik crazy because you look so beautiful in it! :)


  10. Love the color!!


  11. What an absolutely stunning blue! Reminds me of the water. Looks great on you, so flattering.



  12. Gorgeous dress on you! I love the fit and color!

  13. You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress!!! And love those shoes. :)

    xo - Sheila

  14. Wow that color is absolutely fabulous! What a hot hot dress!

  15. beatiful!


  16. You look beautiful, that color is absolutely stunning! I have a transformer dress in a shorter style, but haven't worn it yet. You've definitely inspired me!

  17. The cobalt color is gorgeous on you! That's so neat that you can wear the dress in a variety of ways.

    The Tiny Heart

  18. What an amazing dress! That colour is one of my favourites and it looks stunning on you.
    I love the different ways you can wear it, so cool.


  19. This dress looks so gorgeous on you! And it's such a beautiful color. Great choice as always Christine! :)

  20. Ive been hearing so much about this everywhere

  21. Thanks Grace, the blue is definitely a true cobalt :)

  22. Thanks Jess, I would love to keep in touch :)

  23. Thank you, it was quite nerve wrecking with the amount of stares lol

  24. Thank you Elizabeth, I can't wait to see how you style the transformer dress =)

  25. It's a very versatile dress, and packs so well, I highly recommend =)

  26. wowzers! you look amazing! you look stunning! I love the blue and the shape of dress is amazing!


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