21 May 2013

How to : Remove Price Stickers without Leaving Residue

Hi Everyone! Recently, I made a purchase that checked leopard pumps off my wishlist-of-the-year. I've been eyeing the Calvin Klein Whinnie Leopard Pumps for the longest time, but they sold out almost over a year ago. Then there were the J. Crew Etta Calf Hair Pumps in Leopard, but they were out of my budget. I regret not picking up the CK's when I had a chance. I never found a pair I love and were in my budget afterwards. Last week, when I stopped by Marshall's in search for some Summer sandals, I came across these leopard wedges. They looked gorgeous on display, but I really wanted pumps rather than wedges so I continued walking. I walked around the store, but still found myself thinking about these leopard wedges so I went back to them and did a quick search on reviews online. Thank you smart phones for allowing me to instantly pull up reviews in seconds. These came in size 4.5 and size 5, a very rare find since size 5's are so limited, let alone size 4.5. Reviews suggested that I go up half a size so I tried on the size 5, and they fit perfectly, I didn't even bother trying on size 4.5. However, with great deals and great finds comes these little price stickers on the soles of the shoes. I love sales and all, but I hate it when these stickers leave a sticky residue. Today, I just wanted to share with you how I take off my stickers without leaving a sticky residue behind. This method can also be done on other stickers other than shoes, e.g., storage boxes, picture frames, etc.. It is super easy and takes about 2 minutes.

Franco Sarto Impell Pump - sz 5, $39.99 via Marshall's

All you need are your shoes, your hand, and a blow dryer, basically all the items you already have in your home.

Hold your shoes with the sticker on the sole in one hand and the blow dryer in the other. Begin blow drying the sticker for about one minute.

Slowly rip off the sticker. The sticker should come off easily, but I always take my time, just in case. Be careful though, the sticker can be hot to touch.

Tada ! Your soles are all clean and sticky-free. Now, you can wear those bargain shoes out and about.

Hopefully this tutorial was helpful. If you have any other tips or tricks, please share them with me! If you try this method, let me know how it goes for you.

Thank you so much for reading! :)


  1. I love Franco Sarto shoes! They are classy, well-made, comfy, and affordable! I'm also always annoyed at the sticky residue from the price stickers. I usually try to scrub them off with rubbing alcohol...but it still takes forever to scratch the stickiness off. Glad you shared your trick...I'll have to try it next time!

  2. Awesome tip! Thank you! I purchased a fairly expensive flats and I think the sticker's been on a long time and left residue. It has now collected more dust and dirt in that area than the rest of the sole and I am so sad. If only I knew this trick!

    Reaches the Sky

  3. haha I have always SO much trouble with taking off the stickers! Now whenever I buy something that has a sticker on it, my fiance takes the item from me and takes the sticker off himself because he knows I suck at it :D At least now I know the trick, thank you!



  4. Great tip, the sticker on the bottom of the shoe can be such a pain! Sticking on everything! Loving your wonderful find at Marshall's girl!

  5. What a GREAt bargain (I'm so jealous!) and even a much greater tip! I always peel them off and they fall into a hundred pieces, sticky bottoms and when I walk on my carpet, all the dust and hair get stuck to my shoes. lol. Thanks for the tip hunnie! :)


  6. Wow! This is such a great post, thank you for sharing. I'm going to have to give this trick a shot the next time I score a pair of shoes like that.

    I'm a size 5 as well and find it so frustrating because shoes are always hard to come by. When I see something like that, I know you have to act fast or else you'll never find them again.

    Great blog - I'm going to follow with Bloglovin' and hope you'll check out mine and do the same :)

    xoxo Jackie

  7. Omg what a great tip Christine! I've bought shoes before at Marshalls/TJ Maxx and have had the hardest time dealing with their stickers! It was painful to take them off with all the sticky residue. I will def have to give this a try next time!!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad to have found you via IG as well! I'm your newest follower. :)

    xo - Sheila

  8. Thank you Jackie! Sometimes, I just hate having small feet. Size 5s are so hard to come by, that when you find one, you must take advantage or you'll end up regretting for the next weeks to come.

  9. Thank you Victoria! I used to hate stickers on my soles because they used to end up coming off unclean, but now I'm just meh to them since they come off in a minute.

  10. That's so sweet of your fiance! I used to have the hardest time taking them off, and end up getting really upset about it, but not anymore. Hope you found this tutorial helpful! :)

  11. I get what you mean, sometimes I wonder why they have stickers on higher end shoes. Hopefully you found this tutorial helpful for next time! :)

  12. This is actually my first pair of Franco Sarto shoes Olyvia! So far, I'm pretty impressed with them, they seem to be pretty comfortable and at a very budget-friendly cost. I definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out of these shoes, but I'm wondering on how well they'll hold up.

  13. Thanks KT! I hated peeling off stickers too, they just wouldn't cooperate well with me, especially when they started sticking to everything gross on the ground.

  14. OMG this is genius! I've always hated the sticky residue! I actually just bought the same pair of leopard wedges from Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago! :) They are so cute!



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