22 April 2013

Spring Cleaning : Printed Pastels

Hi Everyone! Lately, I've been so busy, sometimes I wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday for an extra day off just to sit back and enjoy the beautiful weather. How does Sunturday sound? I've been really loving the Spring weather despite the fluctuating breezy wind and sunny rays. Spring is the perfect season to wear pastels. I love pastel colors, they are feminine and fun. It's a great alternative to bold colors when you are feeling light and airy. (Not sure if the term airy makes any sense here) Here, I paired this printed pastel sheath dress with a white blazer for that spring look. I picked up this dress last year from Forever 21, but never wore it due to sizing problems. This dress isn't altered yet, but I loved the colors so much, I decided to tuck a belt in at the waist to shorten the dress a little. I do this a lot when I don't exactly have enough time in my hands to perform alterations, but love the clothing too much to let it go. It works! I think the key is to use a skinny belt. It hides better and lets the top part drape better too. Staying with the same color family, I accessorized with my 60" pearls and my J. Crew Edie Purse in Mint. I topped it off with my Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps in Facade Grey since I didn't want to wash out my outfit with nude pumps, and the print of the dress has shades of a lighter grey.

I raved about my J. Crew Mini Edie Bag a few weeks ago. (See post here) Now that the warmer weather has arrived, I was excited to take out the larger version of the Mini. This bag is more of a seasonal piece because of the mint color, but I love it. It adds such a playful touch to such a structured sturdy bag. The lighter color also hides the scratches on the bag really well. Although I love this color, I would suggest picking up this bag in the classic colors like Vintage Navy. You definitely get more wear out of those since it pairs easily with any color and can be worn all year round. I might just pick one up soon since I love this bag and can wear it for play and for work as a shoulder bag, hand bag, and even over the arm. You can see Jean from Extra Petite wear it in different ways here.

Blazer : H&M sz 2, Dress : Forever 21 sz XS (similar here and here)
Shoes : Ann Taylor sz 5 (buy here), Necklace : Pearls from eBay (similar here and here)
Bag : J. Crew Edie (here in other colors - use code SPRINGBEST for 25% off)

I am joining Tara and other bloggers in her What I Wore to Work link-up. Definitely check out the other bloggers who are participating in this link-up! :)

While doing some Spring cleaning, I found this pastel printed sheath dress in my pile of to-alter clothes. I have to admit, I have so many clothes in that pile, I've really been putting it off, but hope to get to it soon. I'm not a pro-sewer so I don't always perform my own alterations. If it's a quick and easy job like slimming or shortening, then I would do the job myself. If it's an investment piece or requires much more than your usual taking in and hem, I would bring it to my tailors to finish the job. There's something about sewing that keeps me together. I think it has to do with the time and patience that you put into it. It can be frustrating at times, but I learned it the hard way to really plan out what I'm going to do before actually doing it and most importantly, not to rush it. I think this is a great way of thinking to life too. Not only does knowing how to sew come in handy, but it's also a great way to clear your mind and focus. It's kind of like meditating! :)

Do you perform your own alterations or bring it to a tailor?

Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Wow girl this post was great! First of all, that opening picture caught my eye - I love those "middle of the park" kind of pictures and you just suited there perfectly! And the classyness of the outfit is insane - I could totally imagine you working at office with outfit like that. Seriously, if you hadn't mention the belt I would NEVER have guessed you've put it there! You are right - skinny belts really work better, they don't draw attention away from the garment itself :) I do smaller alterations myself too, but when it comes to bigger dresses or blazers I'd rather trust my grandma in those aspects :D

    Much love,


  2. Super cute blazer! I really really really need one... I'll have to go check out H&M when I have a chance. As far as alterations... I try to do them myself. I even did a jacket last week! (Getting the most out of my college degree!) (;

  3. I used to get my mom to do all alterations for me. Then I started teaching myself and so now I just do minor things myself. Anything too large, I still take to her :) I second the comment on the blazer - it's superb!

  4. Wow you look so classy, your outfit it's just perfect!
    As you say in your post, I think having some knowledge about sewing can be very useful. I am not a proffesional sewer, not at all, but I think I am quite good at doing some basic things like shortening and changing buttons :)
    Maria C

  5. Super classy outfit!! So in love with your mint Edie bag from J.Crew. I remember eyeing it when it first came out in stores! Though a navy would be more practical for everyday, I still think the mint is perfect for this style bag since it seems so spring/summer to me. Also, I can't believe you do your own alterations! If something runs a little big on me I just end up not buying it, unless its hemming a pant or skirt line. Do you know how to take in tops that are too wide for you??


  6. This is such a perfect spring look Christine! I'm not sure how I missed this dress last year but it looks great on you after you belted it to create a more flattering fit. I didn't like how the Edie leather seemed prone to scratches but after seeing the mint color on you I kind of want one. lol

    It seems that a lot of ladies know how to do basic alterations but aside from sewing buttons I'm pretty helpless. Sure I know a few basic stitches by hand from taking a few home ec classes in middle school and high school but those most of skills went unused and therefore forgotten.

    What Jess Wore

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by Epp! You're too kind, but I'm to hear you found the post helpful! My grandmother's sewing skills definitely exceeds mine, but she's half way around the world, so unfortunately, I don't have the privilege of her altering my clothes for me and have to do them myself. :)

  8. Thanks Katie! Definitely check out H&M when you get the chance. I picked this blazer up last year, but saw it back this season. It's a perfect blazer for the warmer seasons! Good job on performing alterations on a jacket! I've done that once, but I was so scared when I did it. I really took my time with it because I didn't want to ruin a more expensive piece as compared to a blouse.

  9. Thanks Grace! :) Unfortunately, my mom doesn't know a thing about sewing. I picked up sewing as a hobby myself, and according to my mom, I think I got my grandmother's hands, she's quite a sewer herself!

  10. Thanks Maria! :) Sewing definitely comes in handy. Like you, I'm only good at the basic tweaks here and there.

  11. Thanks Erica! I love the Mint Edie, it's such an adorable sturdy bag! I would definitely recommend getting it.. not that I'm encouraging spending lol I actually picked up sewing last year, so I'm not a pro at it yet, but yes, taking in tops that are too wide, or too long are some basics I learned. It's helpful, especially when you find those one of a kind items but are like 3 times too big for you! :)

  12. Thanks Jess!! :) You probably missed this because the back of the dress is actually a low V. I only wear it when I have something covering it though so it's more appropriate lol Sewing comes in handy lol, I'm sure you're not helpless. But, if you're living a busy life balancing out work and home, you probably won't even have time to sit down and make alterations. (Hint: how I put this dress off for a whole year!)

  13. I hear you. The print is so very pretty and I wish I could even recall it from last year but F21 just produces too many new arrivals for me to keep up (unless I pinned the item). I am due for a visit with my local tailor soon.

  14. Thanks! I was afraid, but the jacket was relatively cheap and it's a "wrinkly" style so if I made mistakes it was less pressure. Also, the fabric is really thick and resilient.... otherwise I think I'd be afraid to mess with it!

  15. Perfect spring outfit. Drooling over the bag. :) The color is so perfect! I'm still breaking in the grey AT pumps. Can't wear them much still. How are yours? They are stiffer than any of the AT pumps I own.

  16. What a gorgeous dress! Altering is great, I just hemmed a dress and was so glad I did! Love this as is though :)

  17. Great blog and posts =) Love the J Crew Purse!! I've been looking for a similar one.

  18. I can't sew, not even a button haha. Love that beautiful dress and it totally worked the way you wore it even though it wasn't tailored.



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