25 April 2013

Review : DVF x Gap Kids The Limited Edition Explorers Collection

Hi Everyone! Today, the collaboration of Diane von Furstenberg & Gap Kids The Limited Edition Explorers Collection launched and was available in stores. I loved the DVF x Gap Kids collaboration last year, but wasn't quick enough to grab a few pieces so I took advantage this year and made a quick stop at my local Gap to try on some items before they sell out. What I looked forwarded most to this collaboration was the bright and bold prints and of course, the most-loved wrap dress. Although the collection launched today, I was surprised that I didn't see all the items available in stores, at least not at the store near me. If you are interested in this collection, but don't have enough time to visit your local Gap Kids to try them on, I highly suggest you ordering it online, especially in multiple sizes. I also noticed that the larger sizes were already sold out online in a few items, that was fast! However, Gap does offer free shipping and free returns on orders over $50 which makes it very convenient for people like me who can't always make it to the stores.
Top : Diane von Furstenberg ♥ GapKids Graphic T in Big Heart sz XL(12)
(also available in solid colors here)

I originally wanted to try on these shorts only, not the T-shirt, but I was wearing a dress today, so being topless would've definitely been inappropriate. I said, why not, since all my items were already part of the DVF x Gap collaboration. This t-shirt is actually very well made, very comfortable, and very cute. Although I wouldn't wear this on a regular basis, I rarely wear printed t-shirts, but I thought this would definitely be cute for the little ones. The t-shirt is a little pricey for my liking, especially from the kid's department, $35 for a t-shirt is definitely a little out of my range. Although it is cute, I couldn't justify the price for something that I know I wouldn't wear often. As for the shorts, I loved the shorts when I saw them online. I loved the bright blue and the print of the shorts, I grabbed it as soon as I stepped in. The shorts fit nicely for someone my size. For reference, I'm 4'11" at roughly 90 lbs. I'm trying on as size XL/12 here, my regular Gap Kids size, and the fit seems to be good. The material has a texture woven feel and has two front pockets which is great for those spring/summer outings. The only thing that I didn't like about these shorts were the elastic waist band and the drawstring in the front. Of course, I would forget to take a picture of it, clueless me. I thought that the elastic waist band definitely made it clear that this was from the kid's department and the only way to hide it was if you wore a shirt to cover it. It's not a big deal, but when wearing a shirt over, the tied drawstring underneath may stick out if it isn't tapered, giving you an awkward little bulge in the wrong place. I liked the shorts a lot, especially the fit and print, but still debating whether or not it's a keeper. If I could taper down the drawstring, or remove it, I would give these a second try. If any of you have any tips on how to prevent the awkward bulge, please let me know! :)
Dress : Diane von Furstenberg ♥ GapKids Wrap Dress in Snorkel Blue sz XL(12)

I loved this print the most. Like I said with the shorts, I love the blue and white print, it's so modern and so eye catchy. For some reason, when I picked this dress up, I only went with my regular size 12 and didn't even bother picking the next size up. Bad decision on my part. The size 12 fit, but was definitely too short for my liking, even if I was to only wear this on the weekends or on vacation. As for quality, I think this dress is pretty well made and doesn't seem like it would wrinkle easily since it isn't thin and flimsy. This dress does come in a variety of colors and patterns.
Dress : Diane von Furstenberg ♥ GapKids Wrap Dress in Lush Green
Left : sz XL(12), Right : sz XXL(14/16)

As you can see, the XXL on the right definitely fits me better length wise. The length is much more appropriate for a grown woman since I'm no longer 8 years old. I guess the winter weight hasn't shed off yet. However, because it is the next size up, the dress is also bigger width wise. It's not a big deal, because this is a wrap dress so alterations can easily be done. I just wanted to point it out in case you are skinnier and/or taller than me.
As you can see, this dress in size XXL is about 1½ - 2 inches too big.
Here is a more detailed image showing how the wrap dress holds together on the inside. I'm thinking the alterations on the waist can easily be done by simply moving the buttons over.
On a good note, kudos to DVF & Gap Kids to be thinking about our bottoms! The dress comes with matching shorts just in case your dress flies up, you are still covered! I thought this was such a thoughtful added bonus to the dress, and super cute too.

Because of the long lines and time crunch, I ended up ordering from the collection online when I got back home.

1. Diane von Furstenberg ♥ GapKids wrap dress in Snorkel Blue sz XXL(14/16)
2. Diane von Furstenberg ♥ GapKids Printed Drawstring Shorts in Multi Print sz XL(12)
3. Diane von Furstenberg ♥ GapKids Shirtdress in Multi Floral sz XXL(14/16)
I didn't see this dress in stores, but was very curious because I really liked the pattern and colors so ordered it to see how it fits.
4. Diane von Furstenberg ♥ GapKids Colorblock Sandals in Chocolate Raspberry sz 3
I'm between a 4.5/5 in Women's, and 2/3 in Kid's so I ordered a size 3 in case.

I'm not sure on keeping all the items, but thought I would pick them up in case I regret it. After all, I have to love Gap's free return policy! If you're interested in this collection, hope you found this review helpful!

Thank you so much for reading! :)


  1. Cute Collection !!!



  2. Great reviews! I love the 2 dresses, I hope you keep them. The shorts inside is just adorable.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. such a cute collection. I like the blue one. You look great in them though.




  4. The blue wrap dress is the cutest!

  5. awesome!


  6. so cute! i am jealous you can fit into these!! xo


  7. I love DVF prints! Thanks for doing the reviews - the shorts were my fave of the bunch :)

  8. I can't wai t to see which items you decided to keep. The blue dress is really gorgeous. You mentioned the fabric isn't thin or flimsy... but what is it? Cotton knit? Double layer? Also... do you ever feel self-conscious wearing items from the kids' line? I often obsess over certain crewcuts pieces (currently a neon pop rain jacket) but I'm a little nervous that my co-workers will recognize it! (I'm a designer in childrenswear.) But, sometimes I wonder... should I even care? Anyway, great round-up!

  9. Can't believe you fit in to kids sizes--you're so tiny!

    Loved finding your blog today, can't wait for more. Best to you, x http://chictrends.co.uk/

  10. this was so helpful! thank you so much!!


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