18 April 2013

Navy Lace : One Dress Five Ways

Hi Everyone! Today I have a different kind of post for you. One thing I love about the warmer weather is the ability to wear dresses. I absolutely adore dresses and skirts, probably because it doesn't make my legs look as short. Although I wear dresses all year round, I feel more girly when I can wear them bare legged without the winter tights. Do you have that one dress that you absolutely adore and would wear it every week if you could? Because I do. I love this dress, the navy color is a classic color that pairs well with anything, and the lace is so feminine. As much as I love this dress, I wouldn't want to be caught wearing it week after week, so I thought I'd show you five different outfits with this one dress. People wouldn't even notice it's the same dress if you wear it again next week!
 Dress : Aqua sz XS (here)
Skirt : Forever 21 sz S (similar here and here), Shoes : Aldo sz 5
Accessories : Belt from American Apparel sz XXS (here or similar here), Ring from YSL sz 4

As a Top : For the first outfit, I wore a skirt over the dress making the dress being worn like a top. What I like about this dress is the A-line silhouette it has. When worn underneath a skirt, it actually gives some volume to your bottom half therefore creating a fuller shape. To avoid looking frumpy, I cinched my waist with a navy and white striped belt and went with wedges for a more casual look. This would be my Sunday Brunch outfit.

Top : J. Crew sz XXS (similar here and here), Shoes : Aldo sz 5
Accessories : Belt from Hong Kong, Necklace from H&M (similar here)

As a Skirt : For my second outfit, I wore this dress as a skirt with a basic striped T-shirt over it. The bottom half of this dress would actually make the perfect navy lace skirt. It doesn't hug your hips tight, but isn't a full circle skirt either. When I wore a shirt over it, any shirt actually, the length of the shirt was too long.  To avoid looking like a hot mess, I tucked in my shirt and put a belt over it to secure it. Lastly, I added a pearl cluster necklace just for fun and again, with my wedges for a casual look. This outfit is great for a picnic date.
 Jacket : Zara Kids sz 11-12 (similar here and here), Shoes : Tory Burch sz 5
Accessories : Bag from Zara, Belt from American Apparel sz XXS

Casual Daytime Dress : For the third look, I decided to pair this dress with flats and a denim jacket for a casual daytime look. I adore this dress, and didn't want to only wear it formally. With a lot of pieces in my closet, I like to be able to wear them both casually and for work. In this outfit, I added the same American Apparel striped belt from the first outfit, but reversed it so you see the navy and white underneath the jacket. I wore my cognac cross body and a pair of Tory Burch flats, and headed out the door. This outfit is great for a stroll in the city or at the park or even going to the zoo! Something about denim jackets reminds me of when I used to wear them on school zoo trips.
Blazer : H&M sz 2 (similar here and here), Shoes : Ann Taylor sz 5
Clutch : Prada (here in other colors), Accessories : Belt from Hong Kong, Necklace from eBay, Ring from YSL sz 4

At the Office : For the fourth pairing, I dressed this dress up so it would be suitable for the office. I wore my white blazer for a brighter look and nude pumps to help elongate the legs. Because the neckline of the dress is fairly low, I layered on my pearl necklace to hide the bare skin. I wore the same belt as I did in the second outfit, but with the buckle hidden to the side and matched it with my Prada wallet and my white YSL Arty Ring.

Accessories : Belt and Necklace from C. Wonder, Shoes : Ann Taylor sz 5

Date Night Dress : For the fifth and final outfit, I decided to pair this navy dress with hints of burgundy. I love color combination of burgundy and navy. It's such a classic combination with a slight sexy vibe to it. I kept the outfit simple with minimal burgundy accessories and simple black pumps for a date night look.

Which is your favorite combination? Have you worn your dresses in multiple ways?

As always, thank you so much for reading! :)


  1. wow - i'm so impressed!!! i love all of the looks, you look fab!


  2. I love these remixes. My favorite is the one you paired with the white blazer. So chic. Hope you're having a great week!

  3. I loved this post Christine and the dress fits you perfectly. I can't say that I've tried to wear my dresses different ways but I may need to try my hand at remixing items in my closet. My favorite looks are the ones where you paired it with the denim jacket and with the white blazer.

    What Jess Wore

  4. I definitely like wearing dresses in multiple ways. During the winter it's also fun to top off a summer/fall dress with a sweater to create a skirted look. Nice job!

  5. I love this post! Mixing up items from my closet is one of my favorite things to do, and dresses are definitely one of the most versatile pieces. I love trying to find different pairings for my dresses to get the most wear out of the dress without making it look like I repeated an outfit. I love the first pairing because your skirt is so cute with the lace top!


    refined couture 

  6. this is very interesting and useful ideas for me, thanks for sharing!

  7. LOVE how you completely reinvented the dress in every look - it looks so chic as a top, and a skirt, I never would have thought to try the skirt option!

  8. what an amazing navy dress and wallet!!!!!!!!
    simply stunning, hope you follow back

    Sergio, xx

  9. i like the way you double belt things - the red tortoiseshell print one is stunning! i like how you can mix and match like a pro, christine!

  10. I love these kind of pieces, when you take one garment and show different ways to wear it, I love the creativity it takes to create all the different combinations! My two favorites are the one with the striped top and the last one because of the killer belt. great post!

    Bullchic - A personal style blog

  11. Super cute dress! I have a navy blue lace dress that I love remixing too. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who wears dresses as tops sometimes. :)

    Nina // lefancygeek.com

  12. Where did you get your navy dress


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