14 April 2013

Layered Pearls & White Skirt

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have to say, the weather last week was like a roller coaster. Weather ranged from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees in a matter of two days. It was like experiencing Winter and Summer all in one week! Thankfully, the weather turned up over the weekend and allowed me to take my little white skirt out for a date. One thing I love about Spring are the blooming flowers and greener grass. I haven't seen green grass in so long because of the cold weather. Seeing so many colors all around just makes me so happy. I did have work this past weekend so I paired this white skirt with a lace printed top from Loft and simple black pumps. Burgundy probably isn't exactly a Spring color, but the lace told me to opt for a richer and deeper color so I cinched my waist with a burgundy leopard belt from C. Wonder and wore my favorite cat-eye sunglasses.

Top : Loft sz XXSP, Skirt : H&M sz 2 (similar here)
Shoes : Ann Taylor sz 5, Accessories : Belt from C. Wonder, 
Necklace from C. Wonder (on sale here or similar here), Pearls from eBay (similar here and here), 
Sunglasses from Versace (similar here)

If you are searching for a pearl necklace, I would highly recommend a 60" pearl necklace. It can be worn in so many ways, my favorite would be three layer style. I love this necklace, and have worn it so many times. It's definitely a staple because it is such a timeless piece. I purchased this one from eBay for around $8 a while ago. I'm sure there are definitely similar listings still on eBay, but if you aren't familiar with eBay, you can definitely find these in department stores or other retailers. Here, I added my C. Wonder necklace on to my layered pearls. If you see me wearing pearls like this, you would most likely find me adding another necklace with them. It's a great way to add color to your accessories and who doesn't like layering?

I've been searching for a little white skirt for Spring and Summer for a while now. I think I'm secretly in an all white phase. Everything that I've been eyeing has been white most of the time. Although this isn't the exact perfect one, it's one I can settle with for now. It's not as noticeable in pictures, but the material on this skirt is on the shinier side with faded wrinkle effects. I'm not sure why H&M decided on this, but I settled for this skirt because it fit perfectly without any alterations and I guess the wrinkle effect means ironing is not needed. I also love the pleats of this skirt and the pockets! I absolutely adore anything with pockets. 

Have you been loving white like I have? What is your favorite go-to color for the season?

Thank you so much for reading! :)


  1. Great outfit Christine! I love your LOFT lace tee and the white skirt looks cute in your pictures but I'll just take your word that it isn't perfect. ;)

    I love wearing white all year round and have too many white and cream blouses. In winter I adore a cute cream coat but I had to dry clean mine so many times due to stains here and there. I really hope the temperatures warm up soon (it was so chilly again tonight when I went out on some errands).

    What Jess Wore

    1. Thanks Jess! This little white skirt definitely isn't perfect, still searching for the one lol

      I can't take care of white as well as you can, so whenever I wear it, i try to be extra careful (avoiding saucy food and always wearing a napkin as a bib when eating) I adore your cream coat though, I've seen you wore it a couple of times and can't get enough of it! :)

    2. Thanks Christine. :) Just sent my coat to the cleaners again. I managed to rub against a dirty car weeks ago and never got around to putting together all my items that needed to be cleaned. Polyester is my friend because dry cleaning is so expensive. lol

      Stain removers are my best friend. I use Shout and let it soak in and that usually does the trick for most (fresh) stains.

  2. Looking so lovely <3 Love the layered necklaces!!

    1. Thanks Steffi! I love layering necklaces, all year round. :)

  3. Beautiful skirt - I love the pleating!

  4. Love the skirt! I crush on white every time summer hits. I attribute it to the hot and sunny weather. :)

    Fashionedible Blog

    1. Thanks Grace! I agree, I guess the warmer weather just calls for brighter and lighter colors!

  5. Love the LOFT lace tee! Usually I'm not a huge fan of printed lace, but this one is really pretty! Like you, I definitely gravitate towards white during the spring. I have a new found love for my white skinny jeans cause it just seems to pair so perfectly with everything :) I've been eyeing your Versace sunglasses for so long! I think Julia from Gal Meets Glam has the same pair!

    refined couture

    1. Thanks Erica :) I love a pair of white skinny jeans. They are so chic and perfect for Spring. These cat eye sunnies are my go to, I wear them all year round, with any outfit :)

  6. Hi Christine, I'm Michelle from Lucky communitty.
    Pretty look, I think pearls are so elegant! I'm visiting and following you. I'd love if visit me and follow too :)
    Nice to meet you!
    Many kisses!

  7. amazing, really love this!
    hope you follow me back <3

    Sergio, xx

  8. You look so gorgeous! I love the white skirt and the tee is just so pretty. Loving the layered necklaces too.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. You are so cute!! Adorable outfit!!


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